Thursday, November 8, 2012

why poverty?

 STEPS has created a multimedia initiative to reignite interest in the problem of global poverty. Why Poverty? will feature 8 documentaries and 30 shorter videos that will be released for online and television viewing later this month (trailers and some shorts are already available on its YouTube channel). According to STEPS, the objectives of the initiative are to:
produce narratives that inspire people to think and be part of the solution, 
involve the best filmmakers in the creation of bold and provocative factual films, 
bring together broadcasters worldwide and engage audience through multiple media platforms, 
create a global outreach campaign, supplementing the broadcasts with extra teaching materials, 
and engage with decision-makers and influencers to find solutions for change.

1 comment:

  1. The gap between the "middle class" and poverty is spreading, but nowhere near the rate at which the "upper class" is making the gap between themselves and the "commoners". Education across the board is suffering because everything is set up to where society deems a college degree a requirement for the real world regardless of whether or not the degree applies towards the field you wish to work in. Schools suffering from funding sacrifice and are forced to cut corners in important areas simply because there isn't enough money for all the programs desired. I'm sure a good bit of the words on here would be misspelled if the computer didn't underline them in red for me. Although my bad spelling cannot be completely blamed on a high school teacher, somewhere along the course of life spelling began to lose some of its importance. People become more ignorant as the means of production make society further dependent on technology.
    As discussed in class all semester, this issue brought on by Why Poverty?( through exploitation the rich are able to use poverty to become even richer. This is seen everyday by the millions of people working in jobs for minimum wage. A job that the owner deems so menial that he would pay you less if he legally could. Avarice is to blame because there's a very large difference between making a profit and making more money than anyone needs.
    The flip side of this video, however, has to be the reality that the "have'"s are in a better position than the "have nots" and that is why they can be exploited for all kinds of things. As long as the "American Dream" exists that tells each of us all can be accomplished, you will continue to see the poverty exploited and abused because they're doing all they can to get back on track to someday attain the dream of a house in the suburbs with the white picket fence and their 2.5 kids; preferably driven around in an American car. This isn't to say that the American Dream is a falsity, but rather to drive the point home that more public projects must be created to help at least reduce the quickly escalating rate of social division.