Economic Inequality

9 pictures that expose this country's obscene division of wealth (images)
Babones - US income distribution: just how unequal? (brief article)
de Waal - moral behavior in animals (video)
Dewan & Gebelhoff - among the wealthiest 1 %, many variations (brief article / interactive graphics)
Durden - a visual reminder of US social stratification (brief article / graphics)
Ehrenreich - could you afford to be poor? (brief article)
Fortune 50: ratio of CEO to average worker
Frank - how rich are you? (calculator)
Galbraith - inequality and instability (video)
The Great Divide series - New York Times (brief articles)
Hanauer banned TED Talk on income inequality (video)
Hispanics say they have the worst of a bad economy (brief article / data / PDF)
Kirkham & Khouri - how longshoreman command $100k in era of globalization... (article)
Krishnakumar - how much can a longshoreman make? (interactive) 
Krugman - robots and robber barons (brief article)
Krugman - why we are in a new gilded age (review of Piketty book)
Lansley - the inequality crisis (brief article)
Piketty book discussed by Krugman with Moyers (video)
Ohlheiser - Americans say rich vs. poor is nation's main source of conflict (article)
Picketty interview with Huffington Post (video)
Rattner - the rich get even richer (short article)
Stiglitz lecture "On the Price of Inequality" (video)
Sutter - 99 must-reads on income inequality (brief article)
U.S. income inequality map
Wolff - the growing wealth divide in the US between the rich and the rest (brief article)
17 things we learned about income inequality in 2014 (article and graphics)
CNN: income inequality playlist (numerous videos)
does U.S. economic inequality have a good side? (video)
food stamp use by state (interactive)
gap between CEO performance and pay (interactive)
global wealth report (pdf monograph)
how does your income stack up? (interactive)
income distribution in 2008 (infograph)
inequality and New York's subway (interactive)
many Americans feel "stuck in a rut" as economy improves (video)
occupations of the top 0.5% (infographic)
rising wealth inequality: should we care? (brief articles)
Spurlock explores income inequality (short video) 
the great divergence in pictures: a visual guide to income inequality (slideshow)
the jobless rate for people like you (interactive)
the top 1 percent, what jobs do they have? (interactive graphic)
visualizing the gender wage gap (interactives)
wealth: having it all and wanting more (Oxfam report on global inequality)

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