Albert - Participatory economics, part 1 (blog post)
David F. - feudalism aka American capitalism (e-book)
Davidson & Robinson - multimedia introduction to the Communist Manifesto (video)
Dean - ideology and false consciousness in a super bowl ad (critique & video clip)
Drew - manifestoon (animated video)
E.P. Thompson's "the making of the English working class" (video of panel discussion)
Eden - a critical view of Weber's Protestant sects and the spirit of capitalism (video clips & short article)
Harvey - crisis of capitalism (animated video)
Harvey - reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey (video series also in audio)
How class works - Wolff (video)
I am fishead (documentary)
Karl Marx was right (video of debate)
Macfarlane - Marx lecture (video)
Marx & Engels - manifesto of the communist party (article)
Marx - the German ideology (ebook)
McDonaldization of U.S. economy (short doc)
Oxford Union - occupy wall street debate (video clip collection)
Reich - what happened to the moral center of American capitalism (brief article)
Reich: how unequal can America get before the collapse? (video)
Inequality Media (Robert Reich YouTube channel)  
Schuman - how to save capitalism (brief article)
Zinn: reinvigorated unions needed (video)
23 things they don't tell you about capitalism (video collection)
breaking inequality (doc)
behind the label (video collection)
California's gold: In-and-Out Burger
corporate fascism: the destruction of America's middle class (doc)
cultural Marxism (video playlist)
heaven on earth: the rise and fall of socialism (DVD, timeline, YouTube)
how class works - Richard Wolff examines class
is Walmart good for America? (doc)
Karl Marx and Marxism (doc)
Marx: masters of money (documentary)
Marx was right (video - debate)
money as debt (animated video)
money, power, and Wall Street (documentary)
political theory: Marx (brief video overview) 
socialism (video playlist)
story of broke (animated video)
super rich: the greed game (doc)
the American dream (video)
the clothes on your back (articles / videos)
the collapse of the American Dream explained in animation (doc)
the corporation (doc)
Theodor Adorno (animated video)
unions in America (video)
Walmart: the high cost of low prices (doc)

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