Political Inequality

Barboza & Bradshear - riot at Foxconn factory underscores labor rift in China
Beard - an economic interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (book)
Carlin - the American dream (video)
Domhoff - social cohesion and the Bohemian Grove: the power elite at summer camp (article) 
Domhoff - studying power (article)
Domhoff - theories of power (article)
Domhoff - who rules America? (website)
Gilens - economic inequality and political power (pt 1 - blog post)
Grant - our common lot: next stop for democracy (video)
Grey - 3 rules for rulers (video)
Greenblatt - the end of WASP-dominated politics (brief article)
Howard Zinn (YouTube collection)
Krugman - plutocracy, paralysis, perplexity (brief article)
Leopold - the six economic facts of life in America allowing the rich to run off with our wealth (article)
Loewe - history of hate timeline (interactive)
Mann, Michels, & Wilder - who really runs Texas?
Morin - rising share of Americans see conflict between rich and poor (data / brief article / PDF)
Morris - power, closure, and medical collaboration (brief article)
OWS protests expand (slideshow)
Sharp - from dictatorship to democracy (book)
Sky - why America needs the left (article)
Winters - oligarchy in the U.S.A. (article)
a class divided (doc)
day of action sees dozens of Occupy protesters arrested (video collection)
freedom riders (doc)
here's what the Wall Street protesters are so angry about (slides/graphics)
nickel and dimed from The American Ruling Class (video)
politics of financial insecurity (article  & PDF report)
rich scared of revolt from poor and middle class (video)
stigma: stop and frisk on the streets of New York (short doc)
who rules America (video interview with Domhoff)

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