Sunday, November 18, 2012

112 years of presidential election maps

The video and discussion are available in this article in The Blaze.

For dynamic visuals comparing the direction of the presidential vote for 2012 and 2008, see this recent interactive graphic in the The New York Times.

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  1. The video brings a great insight on change, and how flippant a response may be, yet how necessary it is for change. A strange complex we live in. When watching the video I began to realize how generational change cannot be stabilized. I before watching this, like others, believed the Republican party is dissolving because of diversity and their inability to relate to the majority. However, it seems as though that could change if they don't consider mass communication: TV, magazine, radio advertisements. Because that is a difference from then and now, then there weren't national online message boards where people could sway one another, so people believed how they wanted. Today public media plays a big role in gaining information and hearing other points of view.

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