Friday, October 26, 2012

...a thousand cuts


  1. The speech Senator Bernie Sanders gives, in my opinion, relates to the concept of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". “We’re going to cut back on health care; we’re going to cut back on education; we’re going to cut back on childcare; we’re going to cut back on Pell Programs” in an attempt to balance out the national debt while wanting to create tax cuts for the wealthy. If the top 1 percent makes 23.5 percent more than the bottom 50 percent, I don't see higher taxes for the upper class being much of a sacrifice. Sanders present how twisted things are in present-day society, through his use of facts. The words focused on in the video portray a deep meaning for those currently experiencing such struggle. The video creates a visual of the effect of budget cuts on America, and how disastrous the future could be. A shrinking middle class within our country is what many people are fearful of. The video presents a great representation of how powerful Sanders' words are, and brings to light how important the problem between socioeconomic classes truly is.

    Interesting article:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’ full speech:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’ recent speech:

  2. Very interesting and creative video. I don't think that most people realize how many of us fall into the middle class; I know I do. And it's so sad to see that the middle class really is shrinking. It wasn't until I got into Professor Miller's class that I really started paying a little more attention to what is going on in our government and society.
    It amazes me that such a small number of people in this country can account for almost a quarter of the total income in the US. Considering the fact that it has tripled in a matter of about 30 years, there is no telling how much the "upper class" will be making 30 from now!
    It just really shows how our country is set up and if we don't do something about it soon, there will be no middle class.

  3. Bernie Sanders brings up some good points, but there are so many other factors that lead to the shrinking of the middle class that are hardly ever talked about. The middle class is not only shrinking because of the super-rich but it is also shrinking because we have so many Americans that are dependent on government programs to get by. The middle class is being pulled in both directions because the super-rich keep more of their money since it is made through investments, but at the same time the amount of government programs available to low income people is crushing the middle class as well.

    This first link shows how a middle class family making gross $69,000 is no better off than a single mom making gross $29,000 per year.

    This second link is a video on how the rich truly get richer how the middle class is getting squeezed from the top.

  4. Eric, Erian, and Lorenzo, thanks very much for your thoughtful comments in reaction to this video. I'll definitely check-out the links you've suggested.