Tuesday, November 4, 2014

teeth: the great class divide

Consider teeth as a significant marker of class division in the U.S. We have a dental system that provides excellent care and treatment, but only if you have money or insurance. Preventive-care coverage is available to poor children through Medicaid, but such coverage, as well as dental disease treatment, is largely inaccessible to the balance of low-income Americans. 

Read these anecdotal stories about teeth and social class:
The Shame of Poor Teeth in a Rich World 
What Pennsatucky's Teeth Tell Us about Class in America

For a scientific assessment of role of class and race, read Social Class and Dental Health 

PS - FYI for OITNB non-watchers: Pennsatucky only received dentures after suffering a prison beating. 

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  1. Keeping teeth healthy and free from cavities is crucial to surviving in this society, which equally judges you on your appearance, but dental health is important for your personal hygiene too. Many clinics offer dental insurance with their dental lab management system that keeps the record in the database.