Thursday, July 4, 2013

inequality for all

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, stars in a new documentary, Inequality for All, about growing economic disparities in the U.S. The full hour and one-half version is available for rental on YouTube. The video premiered at the Sundance Festival earlier this year...


  1. If you have the former Secretary of Labor on a film, and the director of the film ask a bank for a loan. I am sure they might be able to get a loan. Their credit might be better than most people. If it's a service that they are providing the public why not make the movie first and THEN after their profits see if they still need donations. I don't think many people need a film to tell them how unequal the system is. They also state that they want Republicans, Democrats and Independents to understand the economical disparity in the U.S.
    I believe that all three parties understand however that does not mean they want to change. And there will never be a compromise. Republicans want Big Business, Democrats want what we call Socialism and Independents just want to be left alone. It is a good pitch. However I does sound like a political campaign for the middle class's few dollars. Josue Castro

  2. I find a bit of irony involved. This is a clip that has a professor teaching about the state of economy, asking broke college kids for donations.

    I mean, the video is 2:26 long. At 1:07, they start breaking down the costs of the proposed film and begin asking for money. That's not even halfway in. I would be curious to see the video though. But I digress, I am just another college kid (soon to be grad in 40k student loan debt) that can't afford it.
    -Scott Jarvis, SOC 3013