Tuesday, May 21, 2013

perks of privilege: doing Disney NYC-rich style

Some Manhattan visitors to Disney World apparently have translated their wealth into significant social privilege. Paying over $1,000 a day for an off-duty disabled Disney "tour concierge" is a common practice among those who wish to avoid long lines at the Florida theme park (see original NY Post article and CNN interview with whistleblower, Wednesday Martin).

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  1. I think this idea is absolutely insane, the rich using the disabled to get through the lines faster. What I think is funny is that my family visits DIsneyland once a year and they let anyone rent a wheelchair for a fee of no more than $30 a day, disabled or not, so in essence the wheelchair is your ticket into not waiting in line. The rich may think that they are paying to get elite treatment when in actuality they are actually paying more for no reason at all when they could have just rented a wheelchair in the first place.