Friday, April 19, 2013

code switch

NPR has a great series running since last week relative to the changing nature of race and ethnicity in the U.S.  Check it out at


  1. So my roommate showed me this video and our reaction, we laugh hysterically. Why? Because we have caught ourselves doing it numerous times and for the most part we didn't know we were doing it until it was pointed out. Black people discriminate against other blacks as well. It seems like if you pronounce your words a certain way, proper, you would be looked at as a sellout or people would say "oh you talk white," thus leading us to act like the video shows. What's sad to me is that, if one is trying to fit in with "blacks" they try to sound less intelligent.

  2. This video shows me that we as humans try to switch up our tone or persona just to fit in. Of course it is not like anything bad to do its just in my opinion second nature. I mean lets face it, I am not going to go to work one day and talk to my customers the same way I talk to my friends on campus. there is a way of professionalism and I believe work is a place as such. Also we can appeal to different types of people in different ways. Lets be honest if I have a customer come up to me at my job and she/he looks young, I will still be professional but my persona will indeed be more lenient to appeal to that younger customer as well as an older male or female. I have to know my company in a sense to talk to them a certain way.
    -Samone Lindsey Soc 3013