Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Today's Labor Day edition of The Washington Post includes a brief animated video depicting the status of labor relative to the pro-deregulation position that is being articulated by Romney-Ryan. In your opinion, does this cartoon provide further support for claims by conservative critics, as suggested in this video, that mainstream media evinces a decided "liberal bias"? 

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  1. The cartoon presented, in my opinion, suggests mainstream media is contently liberal. Romney-Ryan pro-deregulation stance is known, and the media, with this cartoon, slyly expresses their opposing position. Not only does the cartoon represent one rather-large individual having many other small individuals carrying-out the laborious task of pulling; it seems to promote that American’s think its okay with the sarcastic “HAPPY LABOR DAY” flag. I believe the animated cartoon is trying to show what deregulation visually looks-like. By letting people live how they want without helping them reach their full potential of possibly a higher-level of power; one person, or group of people is looked at as superior to all.