Thursday, March 8, 2012

why take government largesse? because I can!

Question: What do Amanda Clayton, a Michigan lottery winner, and Texas Governor Rick Perry have in common? Answer: They both receive financial support from the state, although they would not seem to be eligible for it. Michigan law does not stop Amanda from receiving foods stamps, just as Texas law does not prevent the governor from receiving state pension checks in the amount of $90,000 per year as he continues to draw his governor's salary of $150,000, plus assorted taxpayer-provided perqs. One might dismiss Amanda as just another welfare cheat, while some might argue Perry's windfall is justified on the basis of previous service. However, what is clear is that neither Clayton nor Perry admit to anything problematical about their behavior. Indeed, as Perry was recently quoted, "I would suggest to you that it's rather inappropriate if you've earned something if you don't take it and take care of your family." Recall also that before public disclosure about his double-dipping, Perry had been campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination as one who would set back the retirement age for Social Security.         

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  1. Yes, Amanda (lottery winner) and Rick Perry (Governor) still take financial support from state. first of all, both of them see any problem to take this support and i agree with them. if there is a chance, people ,whoever they are, want to use it, it is endless human desire. what i see as difference between two example people here is that the reason for why they get this support. i think this is governor`s lifestyle to get higher and higher salary every month. on the other hand, Amanda still calculate just 200$ per month by Bridge card. that is the difference between them. while both of them seem to do same thing, there is a huge financial difference on what they have been doing. this difference comes from their background!!