Sunday, January 22, 2012

the iEconomy

Yesterday's New York Times has an informative article on how Apple jobs came to leave the U.S. for Asia.   How U.S Lost Out on iPhone Work by Duhigg and Bradsher is slated as the first in the series, The iEconomy.

The second article in the series, In China, Human Costs are Built into an iPad, examines various health and safety issues surrounding the production of Apple products in China, including the extent to which Apple is aware of such problems and has taken corrective action.

A related NY Times piece features Dreamwork China, a new documentary giving voice to workers at Foxconn, the major Apple contractor in China.

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  1. This video discusses the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States. This problem is increasing with time and many Americans are losing their jobs because of it. Big companies are resorting to send their products to get manufactured overseas since it costs a lot less. Yes it might cost less to manufacture something overseas but what these companies are missing is that there are people being put out of their jobs and this hurts the economy as a whole. If the average American doesn't have enough income how are they going to buy the products these companies are offering?! It's a problem that is always disregarded because companies just care for their immediate profit. This article talks about how the manufacturing jobs in the United States are decreasing dramatically and are gained in other counties instead and how this hurts the economy as a whole.